Search for a new Joseph reality show.

April 5, 2007 7:18am CST
Are you watching the new Saturday night reality show searching for a guy to play Joseph? What do you think about the 3 guys that went to Andrew's house for another go? I can't remember their names yet. I think the guy with the ponytail deserves to go to Joseph school. He was better than the two that begged and got through. I felt a bit sorry that the Welsh guy did not get to learn at Joseph school but do not think he could actually be Joseph but then only one guy will actually get that chance anyway. Saturday seems a long time to wait to find out which one goes through. (Sorry if this has already been asked - I could not find anything.)
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26 May 07
i watched this once but it really did not interest me in the slightest, i have been watching grease is the word instead its so much better i want kavanna to win..hes sooooooooo lush
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26 May 07
Oooh, fighting talk. Mind you Joseph has lost some appeal since Daniel got sent home. I was watching Grease too (I recorded it) but the recording failed last week! I am not very good with names though and can't picture Kavanna. I quite like the tubby one that was in a group before. Sorry I awarded 'best response' before you found this discussion.
@beaniegdi (1966)
23 May 07
I watched Joseph at the weekend and enjoyed it very much. It is funny that the 2 main channels, bbc and itv, both have musical reality shows on at the same time. Have you see the other one grease? That David Gest is such a funny character.
26 May 07
I was watching Grease as well. We recorded them. It is not as good and can't have many viewers as it has reduced the voting time to just the 3 minute advert slot.