As I was listening...

April 5, 2007 11:49am CST
As i was listening to my friend...I realized that I truly love's because when she cried, I cried too. Coz as they say when one is crying and you comfort..that is like but when one is crying and you cried too...that is love...I just felt her inner sadness and that was what woke me up from my distress...the distress of others...funny but It made me realize how small my problem was compared to her problem...her mother is going to Saudi Arabia and would come back only after one year. I felt pity and sadness combined...her mother entrusted my friend to me...she said for me to take care of her daughter since I am her friend...I don't know but I felt privileged and at the same time sad that she have to do this because money here in the philippines couldn't really be enough for a good living that's why she has to leave and work hard...I felt so sad too for my friend...but knowing that I haven't experience that...what good could I comfort and cry at the same time with her? all i could do is give her some meaningless jokes which makes her smile even for just a minute...
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@kathy77 (7487)
• Australia
5 Apr 07
Yes it is hard not to cry when your friends are crying as you can feel the pain in their hearts, and you start crying as well. Other people do have bigger problems than us most of the time and it is not until you see someone else that is close to us that we can forget about our problems and concentrate on theirs. It does always help for us to cheer up our friends when they are feeling down and when we have our problems they are the ones that remember what we did and return their love to us as well.