Should referees have goalline camera's to judge a goal?

April 5, 2007 2:50pm CST
Should referees Have goaline camera's to judge goals. Reasons for: 1.There will be less contrevsy 2.The teams can't complain about the decsion 3.There will be less abuse to towards the referees 4.The final score would be fair. Reasons against: 1.It ruins the game of football 2.There will be no "fun" in football 3.Referees won't really have much of a job Personally i think that there shouldn't be goalline camera's.But many disagree What do you think?
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7 Apr 07
i actually think it would be good to have goal line cameras, the replays these days only take a few seconds and i believe the 4th offical could watch the replays then tell the refereee if it was a goal or not.