radiation therapy, have you had it, or do you know about it??

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United States
April 5, 2007 3:34pm CST
hi, i had radiation therapy four years ago, and i am still not healed. i have open wounds in my skin, and my insides are unhealed, scared, and the pain is constant. on a scale of one to ten. i never go below a 2, not much higher than an 8. average a 4 to 5 most of the day and night. an 8 will make me cry, me a tough tree topper. i have been on morphine four years now. i take a mix of drugs now, because i am virtually immune to the morphine at this point. at the end of the month i head for the university of south alabama hospital, for possible transplant surgery. that is the only idea the doctors here in hawaii can come up with now, cut out everything that won't heal, that was over cooked by the six million volt particle accelerator,lol. i never want to see one of those again, lol. if you are wondering i had rectal cancer, so it is my pelvic region that got cooked. a guy needs a lot of what they cooked, in that back woods mississippi hospital. biloxi regional hospital. i found out late in the rating of hospitals, 1 to 5 stars overall performance they rank like most things in mississippi, education, racial equality, modern thinking,lol. they rank one star. i trusted those people, they said i would not have to stop working, i have hardly been out of bed in four years. an outing for me is a trip to the doctor, lol. mostly i guess i just want to vent on this subject in my life, but if you know of anyone who has had a similar circumstance with radiation therapy, and they are willing please put us in contact.
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• Philippines
5 Apr 07
Hi! My cousin has had radiation therapy 2 years ago. She healed quite nicely then. She was taking a lot of fruits and vegetable during and after therapy. She was also treated at the pelvic area. She has been in great pain, still is now. Thank God she has not yet gone up in the pain scale as to need morphine. But lately the pain has come back. I dont know how painful it is to her cause she has a pretty high tolerance for pain. There is a wound also that has not healed. It it in the umbilical area where the doctors put a catheter more than 2 years ago. That has healed but just recently it opened up. The long term effects of radiation therapy is very damaging. Thanks for this post. Have a nice day. :)