Love and image related ?

@hanhaiju (421)
April 5, 2007 8:45pm CST
Introduced after the person that, I had known MAN, exited together hasplayed one day My feeling also calculates The second weekend evening he sends in an information to me, saidSORRY, our inappropriate " Does not have me has been flung by the others the experience, in theheart not to be very uncomfortable I also cannot find the defeat thereason The friend said to me that, you should trade an image In theothers looked like I possibly belong introverted also am conservativeDoes not put on make-up Puts on very is being also conservative They urge me however the hair, burns the hair, but I truly somewhat amnot familiar with like this Looks the others dyed the hair actuallysense attractive, but wants I to do, or hesitates very much Love really with image related? Oh! Is the person to be difficult, tobe the woman to be more difficult
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