Do you often refer to the dictionary when you are writing?

April 5, 2007 9:30pm CST
Everyone may surffer such a situation,you just forget a easy word which you have recited before when you are writing.That really makes one upset and a little angry.Do you refer to the dictionary immediately at the moment? Actually i don't think it does good to your writing and memorising the words.The best way to overcome this is memorising the word with all effort until you really can't remember it.Then you can reffer to the dictionary,it helps you to recite the word more effectively.So what's your lpinion then?Do you agree with me?
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• China
6 Apr 07
OK,my friend,i ofen suffer a situaiong that i can't find a proper word or sentence in my heart to express my idea,so i often consult a dictionary when i am writing,i suppose you should also have an English-Chinese dictionary at hands or install it in your computer.Don't be upset and angre.I think that refering to the dictionary is also a good way to polish your English,and you can know what you don't know ,you can improve your English quickly.Just enjoy your posting here,my Chinese friend,we will work together to overcome the difficulties we will meet.
• China
20 Apr 07
I have dictionary at hands,but i'm just upset and angry when i forget the word i've recited not long ago.And i don't want refer to the dictionary too much.After all,it's a anoiying thing.