Pefume: a form of harassment?

@lesnan (538)
United States
October 19, 2006 5:56am CST
What do you do when you make it known that you are allergic to perfumes, and a coworker pours it on anyway to try to run you out of the job? The supervisors already said that she can wear whatever she wants and as much as she wants. She has been with this company for 4 years and in my workgroup for 3 days. I have been with this company for 22 years.
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@keerubai (583)
• India
19 Oct 06
ya sometimes its a harasment!
@browneyes (395)
• United States
19 Oct 06
I also have this problem and I feel for you.. I had something happen that was the same, but my boss backed me on it.. Asked her to cut down or stop wearing it. Several years ago. I seen on the news that there was a teacher. cant remember what state this happened in. but she asked her class not to wear perfume or aftershave ect. in her class because she was alleric to it. Some of the kids thought it was funny and actually dumped a whole bottle of the stuff in her class room.. well any ways. She went to the ER. the kids were arested and went to jail. found guilty of chemical piosoning. Some people just dont understand what it can make a person feel like. I get headaches. Some times when I walk into a store the smell is so bad i get dizzy and have to walk rite back out.. Doctors are just now starting to understand how perfume can affect a person. At the hospital here were I live it is now posted on serval of the doors like a no smoking sign.. please no perfume ect. past this piont.. It makes me smile every time I see a sign like this.. I made one for my front door.. Now if my mother in law would only read it..LOL