Money, If you had just £10,000 what would you spend it on?

April 5, 2007 11:03pm CST
I was watching the tele tonight and a quiz program came on which must give away hundreds of thousands of pounds every week and one of the top prizes on one of their quizzes was 10 thousand pounds. Now if you think about it as say buying computers, it will only get you say 10-12 very good ones. Yet if you think about it as family, you can take your loved ones on a very long holiday to a very nice place and get lots of souveniers and still have leftovers. You could invest for future years and future kids and grandkids. What would you do with just 10 000 pounds ($20,00 say about or just under)
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6 Apr 07
i think i would take halfof it to improve in some things that i own i would use the other half to invest in some shares or maybe help towards starting up my own little business wich if sucessful would be a great investment for my future family.
6 Apr 07
I never even thought of starting up a business but it is a good idea! And would you not splash a little on yourself? lol wb andy!
6 Apr 07
i dont think a better car would go a miss, or just the simple task of a nice holiday if i got into spending mode i wouldnt see 10k for much more than a month :/ i could spare a bit for the usuall weekends with the mates go see some of my best Dj's and pay someone to carry me home you? pwb have a good day.
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
6 Apr 07
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Because it is my dream to put on a country music concert I would be able to put on the best darn concert ever with that, and do something the country music artists are not used to... pay them well.....
6 Apr 07
Wow, i may love my modern music but i still respect and almost like country music too, my nan got me listening to her type of music when i was a very little boy and i guess its carried with me lol :)
@rabi9634 (420)
• United States
6 Apr 07
A good portion would go towards photography equipment, as that's what my father is starting a business in. The rest would take a small chunk out of my student loan repayment. Sadly, that would still leave more than 1/2 of my student loan to repay. Ouch.
6 Apr 07
lol damn debt! lol I think its great that you would want to help your father out. My dad works as a shift manager and something else which god only knows what he does! lol no ambitions to start up a business there! but my mother's friend is starting up his own business and wants my mum to work as an admin for him so i guess i could giv him some money and invest in his company to get him started :)