turn 0.25 e-gold into unlimited automatic deposits.

April 5, 2007 11:38pm CST
100% automatic 3 simple steps can change your life! Step #1 Spend $0.25 from your e-gold account to the first person on the list beside. After your payment, you will be redirected to registration page. Step #2 Fill in the registration form with your username and e-gold account number and press CONFIRM button. You will be added to the list on the 5th position and the users above will be moved one level up. Warning: be aware that we never send out any kind of emails to anyone so please remember or write down your info when you register! Step #3 Promote your own page just like this, use your promotion link (http://www.mlmexpress.net/?owner=username). Username is case sensitive, Username is not the same as username. Your link will also rotate randomly when someone visits this site without owner ID. http://www.mlmexpress.net/?owner=rubypatson
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