after marriage

April 6, 2007 2:59am CST
Can a man forget his girlfriends after marriage or not ? but i can't tell me.....
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@oarnamav (2708)
• India
6 Apr 07
Forget the marriage you can't do it even if you don't marry. As such one need not go for any marriage in life that would be better for him because he has enjoyeed the pleasure of a companion and failed to continue it seems If it was only one girl friend it could be understood but as it's saidin your discussion as girlfriend's' the plural number creats a doubt about the friendship defination itself. Why one can't manage atleast one out of it? question come to mind is, why to go for few more complecations in life? I think one should continue the life with similar way as was enjoyeed with few new girlfriends and never a wife. That is cheating!
6 Apr 07
Just because you marry doesn't mean that you have to forget the whole of your life before you married. Most people find it incredibly difficult to 'forget on demand'. HOWEVER, what you do have to do is treat previous girlfriends differently. They're now ex's. They're people with whom you once had a relationship, that is now finished for good. To respect your new wife, it's best to keep a distance between yousrelf and these ex's - you might still exchange cards at birthday's, Christams, etc. with them (if you're on good terms), and you might still meet up occasionally to talk abut the good old days - but check with your wife first. And if she's prefer you not to - well, respect that view. After all, you married HER, not one of your ex girlfriends. A man can't just forget old girldfriends, but he needs to put them in the proper place in his life. His wife is now the most important relationship he has, and everything he does should be to nurture, respect and protect that relationship.
@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
6 Apr 07
If he still has girlfriends he shouldn't be getting married! Obviously, he isn't ready to settle down with only one woman.