really not pain?

@hanhaiju (421)
April 6, 2007 3:44am CST
Yesterday attended class, my heart deep love girl sat in mine side,said with me a class speech, I did not know all said wrote any. Shealready was others' girlfriend, I always thought she loves me. But Icannot destroy others' sentiment. I want to be far away her as far aspossible, but,, oh Just like: I want to approach you, you very am actually far; Iwant to forget you, you appear. Many matters all can change, Iactually cannot be round for yours dream. Evening I have had a dream, dreamed of her to marry, I spend allsavings, bought a truck rose to deliver her. She and her my dearproposes a toast, I continuously drink not to stop. The suddenly underrain somehow. I flush to the rain in, in the mouth is shouting: " I amall right, am all right, was really all right "afterwards she to runopens an umbrella to me, I said to her:" Do not manage me, I is allright, is all right, really, does not believe you to trace my heart,it was hot "she suddenly to cry, in afterwards, I also cried. My really not pain? ????
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