If you can make a forbidden jutsu, what would it be?

@reaperz (1266)
United States
April 6, 2007 8:35am CST
If you can make a fobidden jutsu, what kind of effect would it be? Why?
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@Roeizig (84)
• Israel
12 Apr 07
that would be a jutsu that pop my rival's eyes thats a very cool one and after i do it i've 99% won the battle. maybe even a jutsu that pops whatever organ i want.
• Hong Kong
10 Apr 07
if i were naruto, i want to posses a forbidden jutsu that will make me invulnerable to attacks. In a geist, being invincible for a battle. =)
@ang2ara (97)
• Indonesia
8 Apr 07
I want can camuflage with evironment, invisible, can run fast, move fast and can fight with ninjutsu. coz that are cool ninjutsu hit, cool like in the game TENCHU(playstations)
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
i would be able to perform a forbidden jutsu, it would be immortality. i think that is the forbidden jutsu that orochimaru is researching.
@jarves (814)
• Philippines
7 Apr 07
If I were to make a forbidden jutsu it would be many! First off is a jutsu that destroys the eyes of the sharingan user if he tries to copy my moves, a jutsu that would teleport me to whereever place that i like to be, and lastly a jutsu that would allow me to copy, steal or seal an enemy's jutsu.
@heero1103 (322)
• Philippines
7 Apr 07
Hmm...i would like to have the ability to steal someone else's jutsu (Not copy it like what Kakashi does). That way, I would have a whole arsenal of jutsus at my disposal in any given situation (Of course, less the side effects of each jutsu). Now, that's what I call POWER!!!