can intercaste relationship work!

April 6, 2007 9:28am CST
hey friends do you all think an intercaste relation can work out!say if your bf is a hindu and you are a christian!will it work out!its not an issue when you dating each other but it becomes kind of difficult after marriage!what do you'll think!after marriage will the 2 people have religious issues and religious clashes!??my bf is a hindu and i am a christian!i have decided that after getting married to him i won't convert my religion for sure but i will make sure that my kids follow the religion of that of my husband's!becasue i think if i follow my religion and if he follows his religion the children will be really confused as to which religion and which god to believe!ya i know that there is only one god!but it makes a difference i think!i might be going too far but think of it what will you write in your kid's school declaration form or be it any form!/??what religion does he follow!???can he write a mix of hindu and christian!that means a cocktail religion??!so i don't want this to happen!they should be sure of which religion and creed they belong to!though i am sure i will be a christian and follow my christian values!i will respect hinduism no doubt but no way i will convert !! so people what is your take on this issue?waiting for your reply!
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6 Apr 07
There are lots of inter-religious marriages happening these days.But what is best is to not to stick to stubborn views.well you asked for opinions,so here is mine: Children generally learn from their mother the religious rituals at it helps to have a mum follow the same religion as the kids.But that said,these days,there are many among even hindus who donot really follow the rituals.They just stick to some formal things like the marriage ceremony,etc.They donot really practise the religous tenets prescribed by the Hindu religion.So the kids naturally don't get to learn any rituals either.I believe that your decision to let the kids follow the religion of the father is good.But you being a christian and having decided not to convert but to follow your religion,the kids will be really secular.They will be open to both the relligions without making fun of either.You are right,for records when you need to write the religion,you have to write either hindu or christian.But as the kids grow up,let them choose what they want to follow.It is no good forcing religion or ritual upon anyone.
• India
7 Apr 07
hey nageshwari thanks for the great response!i love your attitude!!yaa i hope my children are secular about this whole religion issue and accept both the religions without making fun of hinduism or christianity!anyways thanks!
@Prasanga (61)
• Netherlands
6 Apr 07
Hi, I think a religion can't be a issue when you fall in love.I used to have a relationship with a protestant girl.I am a catholic.It can be a issue when you want to get married.I think you should weigh your love against your belief.then make a choice.I know I chose for a catholic girl, because it makes it much easier to share values. God bless you!!!
@gbolly54 (661)
• Nigeria
6 Apr 07
God is the same. It is only our route or approach to Him that differs. Why should religion, or caste debar love? True strong love refuses to buckle under the weight of any artificial pressure. I have friends and relations who marry christians while they are muslims, or vice versa, and they live happily, pursuing their different religions or 'doing it together', as appropriate. Their children are free to adopt whichever of the religions their parents practice. Let love move freely without any fake barrier.