what u'r experience when u met u'r old friend

April 6, 2007 10:13am CST
hi friend this is swami,please post u'r feelings when u met u'r friend after so many year also give how u find him
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@amy1999 (13)
• India
6 Apr 07
hi swami, its been a very long time since i met my friend cause the only active time we had together were during college days. After marriage its just the opposite where you hardly know anything about any friend so, as time goes by you also tend to make new friends but sometimes you do bump into old friends and the joy of meeting is tremendous, you hardly can describe. In one capsule your see everything flashing across your eyes the fun, the go-go at anytime anywhere, visiting each others places, having outdoor picnics and a hell lot off. the most painful is when you do meet your friend and you are in a hurry to coverup all the times we missed and then we say ok i'll give you a call and the moment never comes of course maybe after another 2-3 weeks time. and in that little time when we meet its all about each others spouses, children, clothes, figure counts, hairstyles, etc.. and the way things have taken a different turn all together hay-way. well the other way to find them is finding out their address or phone nos or anyway of contacts through some links of other friends and family members. you know i'm sure one link will lead to another but i must say old is gold the times we have with friends never seem to comeback. if your searching for yur friend i wish you good luck.
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• India
8 Apr 07
i feel nerver's when i saw my old friends this nerver's is due is the person is the my friend but when talk to him all my nerver's will be gone.i find my old friends maximum by orkut and also i personally went to there houses
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