Do you wash your nike shoe? or not? or how?

@Decarus (146)
April 6, 2007 11:28am CST
I have 1 friend working at a nike shop. He told me not to wash it coz of the cotton inside makes the whole shoe hard to dry.And if i dry it up under the sun too long the whole shoe will start to crack...I wonder if he is right. So i am trying to ask if any1 out there any1 who have any nike shoe like nike air force or 90,180,360 or any other nike basketball do u guys keep your shoe clean?..Do you wash it with pipe water and brush the whole shoe like how students wash their school shoe?.. Or you guys just sink it in a water for some time and dry it up with fan or do you guys not wash your shoe?.. everyone just tell me how to keep my shoe clean without damaging it.. :)
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@jolmartyn (133)
6 Apr 07
This is really a good question! Although all trainers are not exactly the same, most are made of the same materials. I have been running trails and fell running for the past 3 years. I prefer Saucony. For a long time I believed as you. However I now run them through the washing machine a cool, COOL wash. I stuff them full of newspaper and leave them to dry naturally. This gets all the mud off and leaves them clean. A HOT wash will melt the joins in the rubber, make the foam hard inside. Unstick the inners too. Running with them dirty will erode all the stitching probably faster than washing them. I don't actually care how they look. leaving them gritty inside will also wear out your socks and give you blisters too. On balance washing is probably best. The harder you work them the quicker they wear and its not just about sole wear. Got to face it they may not last 6 months.
@Decarus (146)
• Malaysia
7 Apr 07
Thanks..good information u got there.. :)