Gay, it is because of genes or environments?

April 6, 2007 4:20pm CST
I have a gay brother I believe he is not a gay before. He just involved to the environmnents of gays. What is your opinion about this, do you believe that it is inherited or acquired?
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• Philippines
7 Apr 07
In my opinion, being gay is inherited. Once there's a member in your lineage who is gay, the male belonging to such lineage are predisposed to being gay. The environment is an added predisposing factor. When you are more exposed to an environment of gays, then it enhances your predisposition, causing one to be gay.
@diablouk (598)
6 Apr 07
I don't feel that anyone chooses to be gay; You just are or You are not. It's part of your very being and is not something that is influenced by the environment. I am gay, my brother is straight - we were both brought up the same way. We are just two very different people