Hip-Hop Workshops

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October 19, 2006 8:22am CST
Hip-Hop Workshops Nugent Education have successfully designed and delivered Hip- Hop / Rap and Music Production Workshops in partnership with numerous schools and organizations, including, St Helens Education Action Zone (EAZ), Halewood Community Comprehensive School, Salford Youth Offending Team, St Vincent’s School for the Blind (West Derby) and many others. Rap and Literacy We have developed workshops that use rap as a medium through which to teach literacy and communication skills. The participants learn about some of the literacy tools that rappers use, such as; metaphor, simile, alliteration, rhythm & rhyme, assonance & consonance and so on. “ Rap / DJing gave a real context to stuff that can be boring.” - Teacher – Moorhead High School The workshops are designed to encourage self esteem in the participants, so that they become comfortable with performing and recording their written material. Through this process they develop the skills of clear communication; voice projection, correct breath technique, stage presence and confidence and so on; skills which may be carried over into their every-day lives. Participants are encouraged to write about issues that matter to them, and appropriate use of language and communication is always propagated. Hip-Hop Music Production Many of our programmes involve a Rap artist working along side a DJ and / or a Producer. With a DJ, the participants get to learn their way around the DJing equipment; turntables, CD decks, mixers and samplers. At the same time they acquire and develop the skills of mixing, scratching, beat matching, juggling and various other DJ techniques. DJing is good for improving dexterity, as well as being a form of self expression. It is a good way of getting the more introvert members of a group involved as an integral part of a performance or recording. In the programmes that include a producer, the participants are introduced to the world of music programming. Groups often make their own beats and music (using programmes such as Pro-Tools and Acid), with the aid of the producer, on which to perform and record their raps and scratches. Finally a CD of the work is mixed and pressed so that everybody involved may take home a copy of the work they have produced. Where required, CD covers are provided. Those are, at times, designed by the participating group. All of the equipment required for these workshops is provided by Nugent Education Ltd. COSTS: £175 per artist per ½ day = 1 x 2 hour session £275 per artist per full day = 2 x 2 hour sessions
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