Do you think is it right that the children and take showers together?

United States
April 6, 2007 5:06pm CST
Do you think is it right that little boys and adult people take showers together(no curtains) and stay naked in the same room?? my friend is very much concerned about this.her 12 years old son say that sometimes some man watch him in a strange way.i feel like we expose our children in unnecessary never know which man can watching your child while he take shower in a gym and which idea can come in his mind. what you people think abot this? am i sound weird?
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@abrarr (1246)
• Pakistan
27 May 07
no its rite, v actually really r exposin our children to unncessary dangers, which could probably ruin their life!!!
7 Apr 07
That is absolutely unacceptable to me.I would never allow that with my kids.Who knows what might happen if that is continued?I would prefer if the gym had closed bathrooms.There people around,who can't think straight.It is always the parents' first duty to prevent any circumstances that have the potential of harming a child in any way whatsoever.You don't sound wierd at all.We have to take care of our kids and not let them face unknown dangers without even making the attempts to protect them.
@ssshjah (109)
• Malaysia
6 Apr 07
It is not appropriate for little boys and adults to take showers together what more be naked in front of each other.