Do you know the greatest sin that Adam and Eve commited?

April 6, 2007 10:34pm CST
i admit that i frequently read the bible, and on the first book which is genesis, i feel good specially when God created everything, the birds, trees, seas and the skies, but the greatest creation was no doubt human beings, adam and eve, then God gave them the commandment, "you can eat everything except for the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil because if you do you will surely die", then i read an article regarding about this fruit, and i found another answer, but somehow i am confused, when we say that it is "disobedience" that made us suffer, it is not the main reason on the article i read regarding about the sin, God created humans as his sons and daughters right? so i also believe that making the fruit in the middle of the garden, somehow inaproprite, if God is our Father and he knows that there is a possibility that humans will eat this fruit, then why do he have to put it in the garden anyway,because the tendency is for his children to die if they ate it, so probably its not a test of faith aswell, another intresting part is that the fruit itself is not literal, if you can notice, there is no name for the fruit, (funny because somehow we believe that its an apple), there are some evidences that makes it not literal * Jesus said, not what comes inside the mouth defiles us but what comes out of the mouth,that defiles a man. * if it is literal, then all we have to do is not to eat anykind of fruit, but its not right? * the fruit is greater than life, it is more important than their lives, knowing that if they eat it thay will surely die, Another thing is that after they ate the fruit, they noticed that they dont wear anything, they were naked, and hid themselves in the bushes, covering their parts, well i hope you can help me regarding about this beliefs, because somehow, its like a code to decipher, i hope icould find reasons and answers to this following questions: what is the greatest sin of man? what is the fruit adam and eve ate? why does God permit us to do so? I really need some reactions, and your opinion regarding this matter, thank you in advance!
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