do you believe you can claim your death?

@coolchai (720)
April 7, 2007 1:12am CST
ive watched a tv show and the person involved lived nearby our place. there is this an elderly man who is dying of tumor. he hasnt visited any doctor since he claims he is going to die anyway. one friend of his made a letter to a tv show here in our country called "wish ko lang" where in you can write to them if you want to see any member of your family. then one day the elerly man who is named "tatay nelson" was visited by the tv crew "wish ko lang". they interviewed him and asked what his last wish was? "i wish to see my 2 children then i could die peacefully." the tv crew accompanied him to a nearby hospital and he was diagnosed with accute tumor that made him so thin eating up his entire body. this made him shout at night in pain loosing his sleep and rest. what kept him alive is his two kids. he knows where they are but could not find a way to keep in touch. the tv crews went to the location of his daughter and his other son was abroad as a seaman. the daughter was in mindoro and surprisinlgly they never thought that their father was still alive. they were left by their father when they are still kids. after 22years they dont know the where abouts of their father. on the day of tatay nelson bday, "wish ko lang" rented a hotel to celebrate his bday. together with this, they have invited his daughter to join him and his friend who helped find his daughter. after seeing his daughter tears feel down from his face. in addition to this, his son from abroad called by the tv cast and he was able to talk to him. and his words were "thank you God ive seen my daughter and even if my son is not here ive already spoken with him, i can die". after 2 days from the day of his bday, he died.
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