Ever wish you had any of the Roswellian's powers? (Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess)

United States
April 7, 2007 1:21am CST
Right after finishing the series, I wish I had the power to manipulate molecular structures... that'd be awesome to be able to clean yourself up or get yourself ready with the simple wave of the hand like Isabel does. Sometimes I wished I had the ability to mind warp too... transfer and receive thoughts. Of course I wouldn't use it like Tess did, but it'd be just a lot easier to get your ideas across to another person. =)
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
10 Apr 07
I loved this show when it was on and ever since I first saw it I kind of wanted to have Isabel and Max's powers. The ability to walk through someone's dreams as well as some of the other powers Isabel had we're rather amazing in my opinion! I know that I'd love to be able to put my makeup on with a wipe of my hand or change the molecular composition of a food I didn't like into something I do like. I would most like to have Max's healing ability, that way if someone I know got hurt, I could help to heal them. I remember certain episodes where Isabel went for a walk through someone else's dreams for whatever reason. I always thought that would be a great power for someone to have. I always saw myself having a power similar to that where I could find out what a person who was close to me was dreaming when they were asleep and I was awake. Dreams have always intrigued me and the dreams of others have also always been of interest to me. To see exactly what their mind is creating while they sleep is very interesting to me. I also really enjoyed Isabel's powers when it came to changing things to the way she wanted them. I liked when she was with Liz and she ended up changing her nail polish color. I thought that was kind of a simplistic power but one that I think could be very useful to me. The same goes for changing the composition of any material she touches. I think it would be really interesting if I was sitting at someone's dinner table and they serve me something that I don't necessarily like. I could just go ahead and change it to something that I really did enjoy eating and not have to worry about it. Out of all the alien's powers though, I think Max's primary power of healing is by far the one I would go for the most. I would really find the ability to save the life of someone I love a truly amazing responsibility for me to take on. I also think that being able to heal someone's pain no matter what it was would be such a great power to have, I could help so many people out. I could also take away the pain of my other half whenever he came home with a searing pain in his back. Even when my legs ached, which happens more than I'd like it to, I could take that way with just a touch of my finger. In conclusion, I think the best characters from Roswell to have powers from are Max and Isabel. In my personal opinion I think their powers are the strongest and most versatile, allowing someone to do anything from changing one substance into something else to saving a person's life. To hold power like that, is to almost hold the power of a god right in your own hand. What a huge responsibility, to be able to give life or take it away in an instant. I'm not sure how I would react to holding that type of power in my hands, but I'm sure once I got used to it, I could really do some good in this world! . . Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
• United States
11 Apr 07
Yea I definitely agree that Max's healing power would be the most useful and beneficial gift to have of all of them... but I'd love to have that ability to enter other people's unconscious (or consciousness for that matter as Isabel did at the end of Season 1). Though dreams are so variable and unpredictable, I think it would be pretty cool to communicate with another person on a whole other level. =) Like, "Hey, I had a dream about you last nite!" And you'd play dumb and be like, "No way... what we're we doing?" Hahaha...
• Philippines
2 Jun 07
i wanted to have the power of Isabel, like being able to enter other people's dream and let me run their dreams.
• United States
11 Apr 07
I would definately want Isabel's powers. I loved Isabel! I'd love to go into people's dreams. I always loved that show. I have all the seasons on DVD.
• United States
7 Apr 07
I always wanted to have powers like Isabel did (even before I ever saw the show). Her power to go into a person's dreams. I have wished I could do that all my life. So I thought it was pretty cool to find a show where someone could do that. I liked Tess's mind warp too.