NEWS - A way of Information or just a Bussiness to earn MAX profit.

April 7, 2007 1:30am CST
Michael Anderson once rightly said, "When a Dog bites a Man, it is not a News. But when a Man bites a Dog, it is a News." But in todays scenario i will suggets that "when a Dog bites a Man can be the News, If---- It can increase the TRP of the channel. People start smsing against or in favour of it. or it was some celebrities Dog etc. The moral of the story is that media is now a dancing doll which dances to the tunes of some powerful and aristocratic social groups and above all to the tunes of money.
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• India
7 Apr 07
hey my friend it really a cool topic but i think this world run on the power of information ....and as u know if some raw message have very less probability then its quality if information is high so ..moral is that have started using information and have started manipulating the information....