Do you often can't fall asleep late at night?

April 7, 2007 3:07am CST
Nowdays,there are more and more middle-aged people find it hard to fall asleep even late at night.What's the matter of them? Today's scientific investigation indicate that stress has much to do with the problem.Worry can keep one awake,tossing and turning in bed.Do you wanna know some particular methods to solve the problem?A bedtime drink is a good choice before you go to bed.Futhermore,don't think over anything just do some exerices or listen to some light music(these are restful for you)to relax yourself.Then you'll find it really works. Have you tried some other ways?Would you like to share them with me?If you've not,why not try what i've said?Wish you'll have a good outcome.
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@cute125 (101)
• Australia
7 Apr 07
I have always had a very good sleep. Recently however I have had trouble sleeping even when I am really tired. The reason for this is stress. Someone hurt me alot and i cant stop thinking about it so even though I may be exhausted physically my mind cant seem to swith off. All i seem to be doing is thinking about my troubles. I cant really help it. My eyes might be closed and i may be in bed but the mind hasnt switched off it wants to keep thinking and its hard to control. i dont think sleeping tablets are the answer but i dont really know. The best thing to do is to resolve the reason behind not sleeping. you have to find the cause and eliminate that and then hopefully you will sleep well. there is nothing better than peace of mind. i always had that before hopefully i can get it again but i know it is going to take some time to get over the pain and the hurt!!!
• China
21 Apr 07
Once,i suffered the same situations.But i have relieved now.Cause i don't care the people's who i dislike any comments on me.Don't think so much,you can't change them and you noly can change yourself.If you have tried your best,that's enough.Not thinking so much stress.Just take it easy.
@Impervious (1154)
• United States
20 Apr 07
Oh Yes, That is me. So I would have to say the study would have to fairly accurate. I am finding that playing a nature sounds cd and trying to consiously stop any thoughts that come to mind and keep focused on the nature sounds.
@RLH4871 (163)
• Singapore
7 Apr 07
I'm also one of those who can't sleep in the night. I sleep very late almost every night. Exercise is not effective for me, as the more I do the more awake I am. Listen to soft music does help sometime. But sometimes I feel even worse that the music drags my attention and makes me awake. For me, I think sleeping pill is the most effective but it is bad if you take it too often. So, what I'll do is to sleep only when I feel sleepy. Normally, I'll watch movies, surf internet or play computer games before I go to sleep. By doing those things will make me feel tired and sleepy after a while. So, I can sleep well after that.