Have you done sth. for your dear parents?

April 7, 2007 3:19am CST
As we know,it's our parents that bring all of us to the colourful world where full of love.They surffered a lot in order to bring up us.As they had done so much for us,have you done sth. for them for return? I believe most people are likely to do this and take it for granted.But actually,many people are not good at expressing their love for their parents.Part of them think that they're too busy now and they can doing sth. for parents when they're not busy.But fact is that they seemd to be very all the time.Parents are getting older and older,and they're getting busier and busier at the same time.Until one day their parents leave them to another world.Then it's too late to for them to express their love even they regret so much.And that's useless. So,please,wxpress your love to your parents when you're together,show your dearedt love for them,then all of you will be moved deeply.
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• China
7 Apr 07
I love my parents,but i have not bought any thing for my parents.One day,when i said i would go to buy a clothes for my father,he is always telling me that my good studying is the best present for him.