Impelled by love---a touching story

April 7, 2007 5:21am CST
It was about 6 o’ clock in the morning and Mario Bustamante was on his way home after his night shift as security guard in the drug store of the nearby poblacion. All of a sudden he saw a white cloud of smoke bellowing up in the twilight of the cracking dawn. A fire was raging right in the area where his house was. His heart began to hasten its beat and instinctively he accelerated his pace, too, as he realized that a huge fire had already engulfed his house and the neighboring ones. Mario dashed to the spot and wedged his way through the crowd of onlookers who had gathered in front of the houses. He could hear the screaming of his wife and the children who had been trapped on the third floor by the fire that had started in the basement. Unmindful of his personal safety he rushed upstairs, breaking down the front door which was already ablaze. He re-emerged after less than a minute, carrying his baby son and his youngest daughter whom he entrusted to the first person who happened to be in front of him. He then rushed back to snatch to safety his wife and the other three children. He managed to carry down two more children, then back he ran again to meet his wife who was coming down the burning wooden staircase which might collapse at any time. Mario’s wife, Celine, with her skirt already on fire, jumped from a tottering landing into the street in a desperate attempt to escape the devouring flames that were protruding from inside the bedroom. Behind her, Mario grabbed his son and threw him into the arms of a group of neighbors who had gathered closer to the blaze to help. Immediately after, the plank on which he was standing caved in and the poor man fell into the raging inferno inside the ground floor. Any attempt to drag him out proved futile. His charred body was found two hours later when the bumberos were finally able to bring the fire under control and extinguish it. The man was given a hero’s burial and his brave deed was treasured not only by the members of his family he had rescued from sure death, but also by the entire town. Mario’s he roic death reminds us of the self-offering of Jesus Christ for the salvation of all. The situation of mankind was worse than that in which the family of Mario found itself when the fire threatened to burn them to death. Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, generously and bravely faced the destructive manifestation of his enemies’ hatred and, through his death on the cross, he snatched all humankind from the eternal damnation in which it seemed destined to end. Love and only love was what led him to offer his life for the salvation of all, including his enemies who put him to death. He was perfectly aware of what awaited him in Jerusalem. He could have avoided such an undeserved and tragic end. He freely and bravely decided to enter the city and thereby incite his enemies to push through with their murderous plans. Christ’s self-offering is not only a dramatic proof of his love for all mankind, but also a challenge to each of us to emulate his courage and generosity in giving one’s best for the sake of people in danger or in need. A life is well spent only when it is spent in loving service to others. credits to: Nice articles guys...keep it up!
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