APOCALYPTO: If You're "Into" Quality Movie, then watch it!

April 7, 2007 5:46am CST
If you haven't seen the movie, then you should...contrary to what a lot of critics say...the movie is Brilliant!!! ...From my "simple" viewer's point of view, it was a shocking film, yet "compellingly" presented. The greatest part I loved about it, was when the main character, "Jaguar Paw", fought back. It was not the "avenging warrior" type of thing, where most movies would have turned their charcter into an "invincible fighter", but it was the way he fought back with the "knowledge" he knew about the jungle ...from poisonous frogs to wild pig traps to hiding in the mud ..it was "realistically" creative....the language used may not have been English, but it definitely added to the movie's authenticity ..it's a very "strong" heart-raising film, which let's you hold your breath till the end, and gives viewers a few laughs with the simple humor added. Additionally, the movie circles around love of family and survival from extinction. It's a great, cool, "no-bullshit" movie (excuse the language), and if you love "quality movies", then this is definitely a film you shouldn't miss.
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@MrsAdvice (623)
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7 Apr 07
I agree completely! It was fantastic! It was exactly like the Aztec book series by Gary Jennings! It was as if the books came to life! When I got home from the movie I called my dad to tell him he should see it and my husband said, "Your dad would not like to read the movie." I said, "What are you talking about? We did not have to read the entire movie - oh, my, we did! I hadn't even realized it!" lol. I sincerely never gave it a thought! Maybe it's because we always have the captions on when we watch movies and I am so used to reading along because so often the words will say things you cannot actually hear being said, I don't know, but I really loved this movie! Also, the guy who told you that you can upload pictures, you can't until you have achieved a certain number by your name, I think it is 500. Just read the rules and you will be fine! I know you can read if you saw apocalypto!