An Growning Girl

@mzx5188 (520)
April 7, 2007 7:51am CST
At the first impression of me,most of the people would regard me as a lovely girl.And it seems that I really do.I will act up a little whenever my friends were beside me.And most of the time,the smile would shine on my baby face.It seems that I would never know how annoyance is really mean. But ,little by little,I am growing up.I begin to understant more,and to worry about more too. Till now,Ido like to describe with something that I acquaint myself.So that I can learn more about myself and make myself known to you. First of all,maybe I should talk about my character.The obvious point is that I'm full of curiosity.I eager to know more about the world,just as a newly-borned baby.Whenever I meet something new,I would show my great interest .But ,a girl as I ,can't stick in something deeply.I would back if I meet some unexpected difficult and without someone stand behind me.Most of the time ,what it leave me is just the sorry.But as a matter of fact,when I meet something which is really needed to stand still,I would do it without the least doubt. Just like many youth ,at the time I also expect other's confirm.I wish I could do a good job at studies.I Wish I could be a welcomed man by others.Even more I want to be an anchor of others.I would like to imagine that I were a superman ,and to do my job freely.I was seeking for the mature of my spirit and act more cool. The last but not the least.I would show you a dream ,which I was making from my childhood.In it ,you could see five friends.They were walking through in the broaded lawn with holding hands.Instead of ignorant,they are firmly believe that they can find a way belonged them with help from one anothers in the team.They are talking and laughing when walking directly on..... So ,that's what I expect--find my way with my sincere friends.
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