Airis Arimon-Bloodhound - Our Dog Airis on International Exibition in Prague in 2006.
She is for us all! We like her very much.
Czech Republic
April 7, 2007 11:03am CST
Hello Friend! I have a Bloodhound, he is she. Her Name is Airis and I schall uploud here too her Pfoto. She is 2,5 year old and i am looking here for friends who like bloodhounds too. We have just again for a exibition. I am looking me for a parter for her and too for future peoples, who have interes to have a bloodhound too. Later i write here all about. The foto, has not corect datum, it is from end 2006 on International Dog, s Exibition in Prague. Write here too your expiriens with that dog.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
30 May 07
I have never had a blood hound, and have never had any real experiences with them. However, when I was in highschool, during the evolution unit, I was given and extra credit project to randomly collect notes from our teachers lectures, on each breed. So, I thought I would share with you all these notes. - Blood hound dates back to the third century A. D. - developed by monks of St. Hubert in Belgium. - Later brought to England by the Normans. - one of the most docile of the breeds. - sense of smell is highly developed. - used for tracking people, finding lost children, and to track criminials, but they will not attack the criminal they are attracting. (like others may). - good a tracking scent that is several hours old. - extremely affectionate, shy, and equally sensitive to kindess and correction by its owner. - very good with children. - colors are: black and tan, read and tan, and tawny. - Weight in females is average 80-100 pounds, and in males 90-100 poiunds - Height Average is 23-25 inches in fmales and 25-27 inches in males. I hope you enjoyed these notes! Thanks for sharing with us about your friend. :) - DNatureofDTrain
• Czech Republic
30 May 07
Hello! Thank you for great information. I have meke just now Squido lens About Bloodhouns. You are wellcome. Just have start there too Bloodhound Group: Thank you for visit. Success!
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