Do you read the fine print or the terms when you join a site or sign something?

April 7, 2007 12:45pm CST
For contracts that need my actual signature, I really try to read it. As a law student, I'm trying to be careful about what kind of things I enter into but if it's only the conditions on a credit card contract then I usually ignore it. As for the terms and conditions on a site, I honestly don't. I know, it's bad but I surf so many sites and join so many forums that I figured, they're all the same by now. How about you?
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@krayzee (1161)
• Romania
10 Apr 07
I do exactly like you: whenever is something printed on paper (something important in real life) I always read everything. It has been useful to me at least once when one of my rights was printed there in small print and the office clerk had no idea about it :). I used to read also the terma and conditions for the sites I joined but after a while I noticed they are pretty similar so I stopped reading them. I keep my fingers crossed when I check "I have read all the terms & conditions" and that's that. :(
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@ucl800 (860)
• Greece
7 Apr 07
I never read term of use when I join a site. i find it really boring... I just read the "titles" and I assume that i will not do something unacceptable for the admin. until now I was lucky... for the future I am not sure...