One messed up family !

United States
April 7, 2007 2:21pm CST
Ok I wen't to visit my parents the other day. And pretty much all of my siblings but one is messed up on dope. Now I gotta tell ya that's 5 out of 7. And as I hear the stories I feel bad for them but on the same token I could't help but come out of there feeling a little better about myself. As I have always kind of been the black sheep. Is it sick of me to derive a sense of self satisfaction from this.
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7 Apr 07
I don't think it's sick at all to compare yourself to others and walk away feeling good. We do it all the time - some comparisons make us feel a little inadequate and others make us think 'hey, I'm doing pretty good'. It's how we judge how we're doing in life. It's human nature and perfectly normal. The fact that it's your family makes no difference.
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8 Apr 07
Thanks I was kind of feeling bad ya know thinking that I was kind of smiling on their misfortune. And yet knowing that these things are a product of choice.