If you found a rat's head inside canned sardines , what would you do?

@steney (1418)
April 7, 2007 2:42pm CST
I've been hearing a lot of horrible stories about finding 'something that is not supposed to be there' in a number of canned goods. Someone from work found a rat's head inside a can of sardines! That story makes me nauseous every time. Actually, as I'm typing this, I'm feeling it. Ewwwwww! Good thing that she decided to cook it first before serving, and that's how she saw what's not supposed to be there. A mom from a parenting forum that I'm a member of warned us also about a locally branded corned beef where she found an iron nail she almost ate. Before, the most common thing to find in food stuff is human hair, and we complain about it big time. Oh boy, how times have really changed. I never been fond of canned goods (and I'm glad!). I only eat selected brands and always make sure to cook them before serving/eating. It's scary what people find inside the cans nowadays. The Bureau of Food and Health department must take a look into these cases that are truly alarming as it posts health risks to the public. I don't think I'll ever eat sardines again! *coughs*
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