How to display FTP files to the public

United States
April 7, 2007 4:26pm CST
I was going to save this until I was finished, but seeing as though I can't display all my free ebooks to the public, i'm desperate. I'm trying to create a free website on Bravehost that hosts a large number of free ebooks i've collected on the net, and the site's called LXNdria, named after the Library of Alexandria, the oldest and most largest library in the world. Ther problem is, that it's unfinished, it looks like crap, and mostly I don't know how to display my free ebooks to the public for downloading. So far i'm the only one with the password and userid to log in and download as well as upload them. I've been using Filezilla, but I haven't because I was busy with Paid-to sites, checking my emails and saving them.
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@simran1430 (1793)
• India
10 Apr 07
Using FTP to transfer files from a server that allows anyone to connect. "Anonymous" is a misnomer however, because most sites request your E-mail address -- it merely implies that you don't need an established account on that machine. To connect to an FTP server anonymously, enter anonymous for user and your E-mail address for the password. Also, most servers display help messages by default; by prefixing a hyphen to the password (your E-mail address), you will not receive such messages.A simple text file, or a file that has been converted into ASCII with a program like uuencode or BinHex. Most files available for FTP are ASCII files.If a file is raw data and not converted into an ASCII file, then it is considered binary. Graphic images are often treated as binary files, so such files are also called "Image Files."