what will you say if someone told you this....?

April 7, 2007 9:08pm CST
hehe just for the laugh & curiousity...if a friend, companion, acquaintance or stranger told you this...what will you respond? 1. " can i have your number? ": 2. " my cousin told me your cute! " 3. " they say your beautiful..but i guess not... " 4. " they say your ugly, now i know why.." 5. " can i offer you a ride home?" 6. " can i court your friend? " 7. " i thinkyour imitating someone..." 8, " i love you " 9. " you look like that girl on TV " 10. " you seem like a lucky person! " so...just running a survey...hehe...so how do you respond?
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• India
8 Apr 07
first of all let me clear i am a boy. so no boy is going to say me these. if any girl try to do this then it matters to her beauty and smartness to accept her friendship. seems new to mylot. Welcome!!