How many of you own blogs?

By ally
United States
April 7, 2007 10:11pm CST
ok, so now is the internet era. diaries are being made into blogs, no more secrets unless you restrict them ;). how many of you own a blog or two? which blog sites do you feel is the best? what do you normally write in blogs? share the blogs here if they're not private ;). i myself own a couple of blogs, on friendster and on some of my friends blog on livejournal. but sometimes the page on livejournal takes a while to load. or maybe it was my internet connection.. i dunno. but anyhow, if you can read malay, am glad to share ;). that blog is just nothing basically. not much reviews of stuff, just lets say, just gibberishly talking :P. so, come on, share some :).
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• India
16 Apr 07
i have been contemplating on starting a blog of mine but couldnt actually till date. i feel i should after reading many interesting blogs over the net. may be i will come out with an good one soon. your blog is very nicely framed though i could read the malayam you wrote in english but every word just flew over my brains. my colleague a malyalee mr. jayachandran had a quick look and says its wonderful effort made and all you scribbled down are interesting.
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• United States
17 Apr 07
hahaha. thanks :P. i just jot whatever there is on my mind. but anyway, you should try do one soon!
@callarse1 (4786)
• United States
17 Apr 07
Howdy, ally_melody, yes I have a blog on ebloggy website. I choose that website because I was looking for a blog site that was easy to use and their website is very easy to use. I have one blog and it is written in Spanish, but I haven't updated it. Well, my blog is at the following site: http://scottyj (dot) ebloggy (dot) com sorry, but I don't want spam on my blog. Well, I am thinking about making another blog on ebloggy for money making opportunities. Have a nice day. Pablo
@marciascott (25550)
• United States
18 Apr 07
I made one the other day I was mostly expermenting with it. If you want to comment you are welcome. I just wanted everyones oppionion. here it is. Ok, I made a blog about something that I was interested in. that is what blogs are about.
@ironstruck (2299)
• Canada
8 Apr 07
I joined a blog site and still don't really know who blogs work or what they are supposed to do.. I put a message on one and sent it but for all I know it went to the freaking moon. I don't know who sees them or reads them, so I don't really have any use for them and won't be using it again.. A waste of time.