Did you know Media Literacy is a worldwide movement?

United States
April 7, 2007 10:14pm CST
If you don't know what media literacy is,don't feel bad...you're not alone. I have years of background in music but it wasn't until I was certified as a media artist,that I learned music was a form of media. It's extremely important that people wake up and learn that Media Literacy is For Everyone! Media influences so much of our daily lifestyles and human behavior that it's no surprise that someone's actions we witness on the news can be traced back to that fact. There's many cases where we've heard it straight from the criminal's mouth...as to the exposure of some type of media being a direct influence on their actions related to their crime. Media and the lack of exposure for my talent in the music industry continues to play a big role in my music career. I have way more than enough talent to make it big..but in this age of high speed communication you need new toys for promotion like slick graphics on a website,CD's/DVD's,press kits, and money money money !!!! to let people know you exist. I'm just wondering how many other musicians out there are like I was a few years back and don't even realize music is a form of media. It sure changed my thinking and the way I started marketing my services as a professional vocalist. If you want to learn more about Media Literacy and how it can change your life, let's keep talking about it. Once again, it's not just about me and you...Media Literacy is a Worldwide Movement.
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• Indonesia
8 Apr 07
Yea, you're right! Media has changed our daily lifestyle. i really support you as a vocalist to use the media to promote your future career.