April 7, 2007 11:56pm CST
Thats what I felt like calling Arsenal after their pathetic loss against West Ham yesterday! Who do you think was responsible for the defeat? I feel like kicking out Gilberto for missing such a lot of chances. It clearly shows the lack of experience in the arsenal side. Now even the third position is beyond our means after Liverpool got the win yesterday. What do you feel about this??
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@hellgate (90)
• Thailand
8 Apr 07
Team play very well but make a little mistake so they were punished.many chance to score over 20 opportunities but can't change it then experience is needful and top striker too.Arsenal want Fox in the box now.
@ikinta (1237)
• Indonesia
8 Apr 07
Lack of experience..its true. and consistency..and finishing touch! I wonder how can you not create goals when you play like arsenal. Wenger definitely have to add some strikers and defenders. By the way, I decided not to watch them till the rest of the season. Its just sooo frustrating! Hopefully they'll be better next season. They better do!
• Malaysia
8 Apr 07
too many young players in Arsenal team..lack of experience to handle such a situation..i think debt is also their main problem to bring in such a quality player with a lot experience...i want some sort of player which can replace dennis bergkamp anda patrick vieira..although younger players is energetic and eager to win..but there's some element that we can't left it behind...teamwork, strategies and experience...really dissappointed with Arsenal, no body to blame..everybody knows their responsibilities..
• India
8 Apr 07
This is a bad season for arsenal that all.....west ham was in good form now. they won all five matches they played in the last..there are so many injuries in arsenal side ,,henry was not there..persie was not there..rosiscky was not there..so a lots of injury makes the team down!!
@hitesh23 (233)
• Hong Kong
8 Apr 07
I am really disappointed with their performance yesterday. Arsenal had so many chances in the first ten minutes to kill the game off for West Ham. The finishing was quite terrible and I am afraid Arsenal might not even be able to stake their claim on the final Champions league spot this season. UEFA cup it is for Arsenal!
@djdeep81 (1061)
8 Apr 07
I have to agree with you. The performance was not acceptable against a team who are struggling to even stay in the league. What hurts me more is that they are the first team to beat us at Emirates this season. They were also the last team who beat us at Highbury. We created soo many chances but we just didn't have the killer touch. In the end, Wenger played 4 strikers and we still could not put the ball in the back of the net. A promising season has turned upside down in a month. It's unbelievable. But I have belief in this team regarding next season. We will score more goals and we will produce more victories. 2007/8 is our year.