If you were giving the chance to go back in time! Would you?

@TeeandMe (104)
United States
April 7, 2007 11:56pm CST
If you were giving the chance to go back into time.. but you couldn't return would you go? If so where would you go? I don't think I would! I would never be able to return which means I wouldn't have my children and wouldn't be with my fiance! How bout you?
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• Philippines
11 Apr 07
If I go back in time, and will still be meeting the same people I've met, loving the same people I've loved, befriend the same friends and live the same life I have always lived...then I'll go. It will be just like a walk down memory lane and still keep the same relationships.
@tjaytiu09 (140)
8 Apr 07
I don't want to go back! because i don't want the things that i will go back will change.......I'm now contented, so i have no reason to go back!
• India
8 Apr 07
Definitely i will not go back in time if the condition is that i can not come back.. If i can come back, i will definitely go back in time and do some corrections in my life. Some mistakes have changed my life completely.. I need to correct them..
@KupoSin (680)
• United States
8 Apr 07
i wouldnt go back in time. even if i have regretted something i done in the past, it helps add to who i am. without flaws, i wouldnt learn anything and become who i am today. i wouldnt have met my friends and the course of my life would have been greatly altered. i wouldnt want my life anyother way. i look forward to any other struggles i will need to overcome.