the point to GCSE's

April 8, 2007 3:08am CST
i finished my gcse's last year and i now wonder what is the point to the majority of what you learn, i will never have to use any of the formulas in maths i will never speak or write like shakespeare i will never care what two chemicals make the a liquid got bright orange is anybody else in agreement or disagreement with me?
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8 Apr 07
Well, I'm too old for GCSEs - back in my day it was 'O' Levels - but the main thing to bear in mind is that you've now been exposed to a reasonable education. WHilst you might not care about these things, and you may feel that you'll never need to know this stuff, trust me - one day you might want to learn more about things. When I was at school I studied Shakespeare and the poet Thomas Hardy. At the time I thought I would never need these things - but 10 years after leaving school I found I enjoyed reading Hardy's poems 'for fun'. It happens. And with regard to maths - if you get work in any field that involves numeracy, you'll find that things you were taught in maths will come in useful. Only last week used something that I was taught in maths class 30 years ago to help me whilst I was fixing my shed in teh garden. Also, one of my hobbies is amateur radio - lots of arithmetic there! As for mixing chemicals - that's not really the aim of science education. The real purose is to give you an understanding of science, and an inteerst in the subject. One of the biggest issues coming up right now in the world is climate change. Knowing some science will help you understand what's ahppening and why. A good education is the first step on the way to geting somewhere in this life; if you feel it's a waste of time, that's your privelege, but trust me - the good jobs with career prospects will go to the folks who've taken their education on board.