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@vanities (11409)
Davao, Philippines
April 8, 2007 4:13am CST
what do you think is the best thing that youve done to help or whatever to someone you love, it could be your friends,partner/bf/gf,or family.. i have read in the news paper in our country that the son of the senator have donated his liver to his dad ,the operation is done in the US...the father did not know about the donation thing..but the son thought that it would be the best thing he could do to help his father live longer..upon knowing that his son donated his liver he cried a lot and dont know what to say to his son..its an act of love on the part of the son..
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@fox123 (285)
• Philippines
9 May 07
The best thing that i considered being done to my love one is the moral support i have given her in times of her crises in her life..its a great one that i consider she cant hold on but because of my support and love she does go through with it and slowly forgetting it..
@denden (803)
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
I dont have work yet that i can five what they want(materila thing) and we dont have any experience that is major so, i think the best thing i could give is the love, care and support.Because its the only one i think is the very important or our life.Our life will be meaningful and colorful if there is love in our hearts.
@gemini1960 (1161)
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
as of now i think my best thing that i have done towards my wife is to be calm always in times of misunderstanding..because in the past when we quarrel the house seems undergone a wrestling match although i dont hit her ..i just throw all the things that i can grab or get..thats how i am in the past..