Eliminated the Brontok Virus, All Variant

April 8, 2007 6:22am CST
ossibly you were once annoyed with he behaviour of the Brontok virus. Possibly you have been bored using all the kinds antivirus. Without needing the courtesy again. Below this I will explain briefly the method eliminated the Brontok virus. 1. Look for the program WinTask for Trial (if being crack again better. could in search in google.com 2. Undertake the program WinTask 3. Turn off all the processes that came from C:\Documents and Settings\& user &\Application the Data\. 3. Do Searching to My Computer by the name of file . Exe (don't forget to activate More Advance Option: Search System the Folder, Search Hidden File and Folders, Search SubFolders. Click Search. 4. After the Searching process of being finished, removed all file that had icon had the shape of the folder (was yellow). Arrive in here your task almost was finished. 5. Enter to regedit (I used TuneUp TuneUp Registry the Editor also from Google.com) 6. Carry out the search string NoFolderOption, the difference he thought became 0. 7. Restart Windows Explorer. 8. Open Windows Explorer, chose: Tools the Option Folder and entered to tab View then activated Show Hidden Files and Folders. 5. Enter each User Folder: C:\Documents and Settings\& User &\Start the Menu\Programs\Startup and removed file "Start" that had icon like the Carton (Cmd). 6. You were freest from Brontok, but, registry editing still could not be activated. Activated went through TuneUp Registry the Editor. could be tried personally, in order to study. or u can buy cd or magazine with cd's pcmav anti virus on www.pcmedia.co.id
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• India
9 Apr 07
wooo thats a load of bullsh*t out there, keep the cr*p up!