is it better to grow up in a large or small family?

@gina22 (158)
April 8, 2007 1:05pm CST
can you give me your opinions and views. share your thoughts.
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• Philippines
8 Apr 07
I would rather grow up in a small family. In large families, favoritism is evident. The parents are hard up even if they earn big in figures because there are so many to feed, to clothe, to send to schools and to take care of and provide for. The children will usually have to fight for the attention of their parents so they will be favorably receiving more from the parents. Those who keep quiet will not be noticed and will get so much less. In a small family, everyone is noticed. It is easy to meet everyone's needs even the earnings will not be so big in figures.
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
Living in a large or a small family have it's ups and down. Living in a large family, the attention of the parents are divided to more children making it easy for one to be neglected. not to mention it cost a lot. but even if it's hard it's happy to be in large family simply because you have a lot to interact with. you'll learn more from different individual in your family. And it also comes in handy if your family was involved in genocide. It will take a long time for your family to lose.. (just joking) it's also good simply because the of the principle: The more, the marrier! Now Living in a small family, its good parents can focus on each kid, giving them enough attention. children in a small family on the otherhand tend to be spoiled because of too much attention Personally It will always be the best to be in the middle. not to big and not to small as well 2-3 children will be enough. basically if you put everthing in the moderation, you can have the best of both choices!Ü
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@ucl800 (860)
• Greece
8 Apr 07
I am the only child in my familly and after many years though i believe that it is better to grow up in a large familly. I think this way you can learn to live with others, to be a nice person, to be helpfull and have a better character. It is very important to learn to live with others from child... your life is better tis way.