the man and the jr

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United States
April 8, 2007 3:58pm CST
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was once this guy who liked to travel from pub to pub across the countryside. One day, he came up to a pub he had never heard of. He went inside and sat at the bar. “What’ll it be?” asked the bartender. “A beer thanks, but what’s that jar?” he said pointing up to a jar on the top shelve. “Well, anyone who can drink it wins the collected prize money, which stands at around $80 right now.” said the bartender. “What’s in it?” the man asked. “Used to be a spittoon, everyone spat in the thing as a joke and now were looking for a brave man.” The man looked around at all the people watching attentively, “No that’s a bit much for me I think.” Then suddenly people from in the pub started betting money on it. “Come on! Give it a go!” said people from the bar. Before the man knew it the bet had gone up to $500! The bartender brought the jar down from its shelve. People by then were yelling and chanting for the guy to do it. Then with consideration, “I’ll drink it!” said the man. Screams of encouragement came from all around. He unscrewed the top of the jar and picked it up off the bar. Everyone in the pub fell silent. The man lifted it to his mouth and started drinking it. The sight was horrible! People everywhere were looking at him drinking all the flem and couldn’t believe it. “Stop, its making me feel ill!” said one of the people in the bar. Then other people started yelling out, begging the man to stop, but he didn’t! “Don’t worry about the money, we’ll give it all to you, just stop drinking it!!!” came from the audience of patrons. But he didn’t stop! Finally, he had finished it, and dropped the jar onto the floor. People in the pub were vomiting and dizzy. One then came up to the man, “Why didn’t you stop, I said we would give you the money!” The man, green in the face looked up and said, “I couldn’t – it was all one piece!” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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