Steve Irwin

@worldwise1 (14887)
United States
April 8, 2007 7:48pm CST
Does the death of Steve Irwin (or someone like him) cause you to wonder why? I mean, he was a vital, loving and caring high-profile personality. The fact that he died the way in which he did at that time just boggles my mind. Do you ever wonder why it couldn't have been some worthless nobody who is little more than a blight on society?
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@APMorison (424)
• United States
21 Apr 07
hmmm lets see worthless nobodies rarely are in the situation Mr Irwin was in. worthless nobodies die every day, with little fanfare as they are not in the public eye Mr. Irwin knew the risks he was taking doing a job that is not simple or easy, but very, very necessary and he accepted that his job might cause him harm if he was either unwise or simply unlucky, one time, the wrong time. why someone who is so active in a particular field dying being active in that field is mind-boggling is a bit perplexing to me. no one was 'shocked' that one trip up Everest was Sir Edmund Hillary's Last Act - he was walking into a dangerous situation - and he didn't outlast the odds. Mr. Irwin was swimming with animals that are potentially dangerous to humans. The animal injured him in a way that was not survivable. Nothing mind-bobbling there. Sad, yes, tragic for his family, absolutely, incomprehensible - not in the slightest.
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@Feona1962 (7527)
• United States
5 Sep 07
I got to thinking the same thing. Why? But that is not for us to wonder. Although it was a sad day it has been a good thing. By that I mean the exposure of what he did is out there stronger than ever. His daughter Bindi is taking it to another level, by getting children involved so we can save our wildlife. The planet will be a better place because of Steve. Terri and Bindi are carrying on his legacy.
@carolscash (9500)
• United States
20 Jun 07
NO, I really don't wander much about it as I have always been taught that it is appointed unto man to die and we all know that when it is our time to go, we will die. I think he done the job that he was put on earth to do and God took him for some reason. Second of all, I don't see anyone as a worthless nobody as we all have someone who should care about us and we are all God's children.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
20 Jun 07
I watched his last episode and I remember how he was so happy to have ran into an old croc friend for earlier on in his journeys, he was playing alot with a sea snake and got really close it... which they said if it was not Steve Irwin doing it most people would not have been able to do what he had done... Steve was so passionate about his working with Animals they could sense it... I saw a really awesome little cartoon it had a sting ray, and it said.. "I am sorry Steve, I didn't know it was you" From what I understand a camera bumped or spooked the ray and it did what they do out of defense. Steve in his interviews many times stated that if he wanted to go this was the way he wanted to go doing one of his shows, Not only did he get to live his life the way he dreamed of but he also got to pass on while doing his greatest passion, conservation, wildlife, and documentaries. I had my own encounter with his Spirit.. I was sleeping and half away half asleep saw a man in my bed with a croc and a big black snake.. So I leaped out of bad backwards as fast as I could and then tried to see the face of the man, I had no idea.. other than my own spirit guide told me to go downstairs and watch Tv, something special was going to be on. Well the Spirits all knew I wanted to watch them air his last movies and special but I had no idea when it was going to be on and figured I'd missed it. I watched a football game with Dad then mom turned on the special, I got chills as I recognized the spirit the croc and the snake in my bedroom looked like. Mr. Irwin, so I figured he was visiting all his fans in spirit, and he was getting my lazy butt out of bed so that I could watch his show, and here his message. "You can do anything you want to, if you do it with enough passion, and enthusiasm" is as much of as I remember... I grew up watching him on Tv any chance I get .. I did not realise how much of a fan of his I was... until this moment, as well as my family around me, who often says Thing - gee instead of Thingy :) .. and Crikey, and other Australian slang we picked up from him... He was awesome, and the timing of my interesting little dream vision.. Was pretty neat too as I was not thinking about him at the time, so I can say no matter how small or big of a fan anyone is of Mr. Irwin, his Spirit is visiting everyone! :), and he is definately having fun with all the animal Spirits, and exploring a new realm of animals. :) - DNatureofDTrain