The most annoying thing about manual surf sites.

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@Kythe42 (1412)
United States
April 8, 2007 8:37pm CST
I don't know how many of you use manual surf sites, but I think the most annoying thing about them is when sites come up that automatically play sounds and/or videos when they load up. I want my surfing to be quiet. I'd much rather read whatever the site has to say. It's so annoying, especially when I'm trying to listen to music. Seriously, if anyone has a site like this, please don't make that stuff play automatically. Just have a play button so the people who want to listen to it will and those who want to surf quietly will be left in peace.
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@shevamp (120)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
i agree with you. it annoys me so much when a site automatically plays a sound and some are not even music to begin with, because it's too noisy and too loud it freaks the hell out of me! i do wish they know how to put a play button instead of allowing the sound to automatically play for each visitor.
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@Kythe42 (1412)
• United States
9 Apr 07
Yea it startles me too sometimes. I'm going to have to figure out if there's a browser setting that will block all sounds except for sites that you choose to allow sounds.
• India
10 Apr 07
manual surf sites r good 2 an extent but they takes time 2 load...yes when v work in offices n labs these manual surf site automaticaaly plays audios n vedios which feels annaying 4 us and 4 others...quite site is the best site
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@artemis432 (7474)
• Abernathy, Texas
9 Apr 07
This has woken up my baby in my lap. Especially frustrating when he's been fussy all day and finally falls asleep. MySpace has pages that do that - other pages let you play videos or songs if you want to - which is nice - cause I love playing music when I'm cleaning, reading, showering - just about always. It is however preferable when its a choice!
@gberlin (3836)
17 Apr 07
I agree! I usually turn my computer speakers off when I am surfing.