raise a dog or not?

@aciddrop (798)
April 8, 2007 9:22pm CST
The saddest thing is, withness a dog dying on the street,with his last breath and eyes open.OMG!i couldnt believe what was in sight,but the blood running down from the dog's mouth told me,it was true.it seemed that he had dragged himself all the way from the center of the road after being hit by some car.he struggled,but still failed to survive. out of sympathy,i had an impulse to touch him,which hopefully would comfort him in his last min in the world.but my feeling scared stopped me.DAMN i am such a coward! all this lead me to recall my ever little baby dog who had only stayed at my home for two weeks b4 he died from illness.i once stepped on his tiny foot in his hard time,which made him scream painfully.he then turned around at me,looking so desperate.i was fxxking guilty for that,but the pain seemed so devastating that a few days later,my family just got to only to find that he had gone lying in balcony.it was really heart-breaking,even though ha hadnt been with us for a long time. i love dog and i want to have my own dog,but if raising it means that i will have to face its death,i would rather not have one.its too hard,really.i've experienced twice,dont wanna undergo that again.
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