have you ever been dumped to someone much more beautiful and sexier than you

April 8, 2007 9:38pm CST
that would be very insulting on my part...well its not my loss its theirs. i may not be as beautiful but im smarter...
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@simran1430 (1790)
• India
9 Apr 07
Virtually everyone has been dumped at some time in their life. I certainly have - so I know it hurts like hell. This kind of very personal rejection is in fact so painful that it can make you feel as though you’ve been injured. Rejected people often feel as though their feet have been cut away from under them, rendering them unsteady and unsure. All too often they also succumb to every cold and stomach bug going.Losing someone you love leaves you with a dull, heavy weight in your chest that often, without warning, explodes into lacerating pain. This torment makes you long for a time when life was easier, so you tend to hope that your ex will return - sometimes even after a couple of years of single-living.You might also feel that if they do not come back, no one else will ever fill that gap in your life and you will never find love elsewhere. This is nonsense of course, but grief skews our thinking.
@mauier113 (688)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
maybe that's insulting but looks can never be compared on how you see life. Physical beauty fades but not your heart. Great that's how you see things. Being smart is a treasure but as I said beauty fades.