Does india really need reservation of seats..

@busybee (382)
October 19, 2006 11:56am CST
Reservation is required on basis of environment and thre poor not by caste and religion.. Especially in IIT's NIT's and IIMs et
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@raghavibm (544)
• India
20 Oct 06
yes, to an extent.. but it should be of social status on the caste..
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• India
4 Apr 07
Reservation in education system and employment must be phased out. It is well known that only a few of the BC are utilising this and those who are really backward are not given priority at all. The general category have now become the minorities as a major chunk has been reserved which is only benifiting the dumb polititians vote bank. Reservations must go.
• India
23 Jun 07
yes reservation must be removed
• India
5 Apr 07
There should be no such reservation based on caste because no more needs it.What it needs is financial help to the needy, the rest would immediately follow.If the government really wants to help backward students they should help hem financially because tht is the main reason they are lacking behind if they really are!!!
• India
28 Oct 06
What reservation are you talking about, I certainly against reservation in the education system,.. But definetly go for the reservation in the Bus and railway ticketting system..