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April 9, 2007 7:18am CST
which group would you choose to be a leader in our country last phil.war ,japanese or americans?and why?
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• Hong Kong
10 Apr 07
definitely the americans for me, though they can be a pain in the a#@ sometimes in local affairs. They deserve credit for lifting the standard of Philippine governance and they have helped us in worst cases. still, i would want only filipinos to lead the country. Mabuhay ang pilipino!haha
• Japan
13 Apr 07
but did you know that when japan colonial period in taiwan for 50yrs.the school attendance rate is 95%taiwanese children go to school.when holland colonial period in indonesia for 400yrs.its just 3%!!!so how about america to phil?how many %??ill be to research for it ok?
@lonely_f16 (2146)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
i'd rather have the americans..the americans did many for us the Filipinos during their time of ruling..
• Japan
9 Apr 07
Most of filipino think that!but if japanese ruled philippines,what do you think are the changes in our country?Isn't it more better or worst?Give me your opinion?but thank you again for always replying here.