What money is for?

Money - What money is for?
April 9, 2007 8:39am CST
Money is a blessing when it is used rightly.The same is ture of all other good things.They bless if used well;they curse when abused.Many people do not seem to know that money is for.They want it above all things.But want it to spend chiefly on themselves. Some boys appear to think that money is to buy good clothes and foods,toys and amusements.Some also seem to think that money is to buy leisure with.They consider that the highest happiness is to live without work.But that is not all what money is for.We should get nearer the truth than that. Money is our circulating medium in trade.Families need it to buy things they must have.In this way society exists,and the world of traffic prosters.Money means food,clothing,dwelling schools,books.wise recreation,and the means of doing good. Of course,money is not something to hoard.It's value is in it's use.A million dollars would have been worth no more than a million stones to Robinson Crusoe on his island home.There was nothing to buy,and therefore,no use for money.And so money that is simply hoarded is of no value.It doesn't perchase the necessaries of life,nor relieve those who are in want.That is not what money is for. The Bible says that"the love of money is the root of all evil."That is,sought for it's own sake is the cause of all sorts of evil-lying,stealing,cheating,and even murder.This is the best reason for avoiding the love of money.
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@happylim (659)
• Malaysia
9 Apr 07
Money is not almighty but without money you just can't do anything. From individuals, organisations and even nations all depand on money. Chinese people now can live with luxury now. China can become a strong country. Temples and churchs can have beautiful building because of money. Therefore the root of all evil can become the root of all prosperity. People hate money and also love money because money can not buy everything they want but without money they can buy nothing. Do you think so?
• China
12 Apr 07
Yes,I agree with you.Money is not almighty,but we can do nothing without money.By the way,where are from? Are you a Chinese ?