Swimming with Pink Dolphins

April 9, 2007 9:06am CST
They say that swimming with dolphins has its therapeutic cures. I'd say it's an understatement. I've experienced it firsthand. And I was higher than high. You'd ask my name and I wouldn't have given you an answer. It was pure bliss..pure pure bliss. It could cure the meanest of pains. Til now, it leaves nothing but a smile on my face and still feel the exhiliration. It felt like a peel off an old skin, renewing me. So delicate and perfect creatures. Their innocence had me on my knees and I was humbled. They come to be with excitement, as if...we've met before. No reservations. No hidden agenda (except for the fish in my hand, hehe). In the water, I played, painted and swam with them. I rode their fins and they take me as fast as bullets. They let me know that "Damn, it feels so good to be alive!" Ironically, the experience was enough that I could just die the next day. Feeling fulfilled. "This is just over the top!", I thought. I swam with Pink Dolphins at Sentosa Park in Singapore. They get pinker as they grow old. They're like big big tuna's and one wonders of the exquisite creation... So my friends..Just once.. before you die..Have this on your to-do-list..cause this totally BLEW MY MIND!!
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• India
9 Apr 07
Wow u had such a great experience..I too will love to have such an extravagant experience..Dolphins are real treasures to be treasured and the most fascinating thing is they r mammals..They can communicate over a large distance and the squeaking sound they make is just so nice to hear..I have watched them only on discivery and national geographic ..how eagerly I wish to have fun with them like u did
@wachit14 (3600)
• United States
9 Apr 07
I've nevert done this, but I have heard from other people that they have some sort of magical impact on them. It may be because the experience makes you so happy that your body has a flood of endorphins and that's what gives you that high feeling. I hope to do it one day myself.
@feralwoman (2199)
• Australia
9 Apr 07
Hi there and welcome to myLot. This one's already on my to do list and it's great to hear your experience of it. I've also heard that it's very therapeutic and relaxing. What beautiful creatures dolphins are, but I must admit i've never heard of pink ones. They must look absolutely beautiful. I look forward to the day when I can eventually make this become a reality. Thanks for sharing. LOL